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How can I contact Apple Customer Service – Where and How Do I Get It?

July 1, 2018

How can I contact Apple Customer Service – Where and How Do I Get It?

3 common Problems with Mac and When to call Apple Support Number

Is your Apple computer starting to show signs of aging? Before you decide to junk it, there might be some easy ways to fix it and make it functional again. Here are some three fixes to the common three Mac problems with Apple  Support Number.

Mac fails to start

If your Apple computer fails to start and show blank screen or grey startup screen, it is recommended to try booting it in the Safe Mode. In this mode, the device runs with bare minimum drivers and software. It checks the startup disk and repairs the issues in the directory. It also checks for any technical flaws that may stop your Mac from getting started. To start your Mac in the Safe Mode, press and hold the Shift key when the Apple’s logo disappears and the login screen appears. This process may take time as the Mac OS runs its diagnostics to check for issues in the hard disk. If this doesn’t work, call Apple Support Number immediately and seek for an expert Apple Customer Service.

Login items not compatible

Do you see the blue screen when you start your Mac? It is probably because one of the login or startup items is incompatible with your Mac OS. The login items are the apps that fail to boot when you start your Mac. It is easy to identify which app is causing the problem. You can remove login item one at a time and start up your Mac after each removal.

To do so, go to System Preferences-> Users & Groups and select your name under the Current User menu on the left. Now, select the Login Items tab, highlight the app, and click ‘’ sign below to remove it. Now restart the app and see if the login issues are fixed. If your Mac continues to show the blue screen, contact Apple Customer Service Number and know the main issue behind it. The Apple Customer Service toll-free number is open for 24×7. You can reach the expert any time for Mac-related queries.

Spinning Disc Pointer appears in regularity

Popularly known as Spinning Beach Ball, it is the wait cursor that happens to show in regularity and leads to frustration among the users. The probable cause of Spinning Beach Ball is a series of software or a software running at the same time that overloads the CPU. Look for utility folder and search for Activity Monitor. Check the amount of load each app gives on the processor.

In the Activity Monitor, you will see the real-time stats on the amount of processor and memory each app is using. Select the app you want to quit or stop and which is using more than required resources. To quit or stop the app, highlight the app, click ‘X’ button, and choose Force Quit or Quit. After trying this solution if you still find the spinning disc pointer annoying you, it possible that your Mac system process is frozen and this requires a technical help.

So, in this case, dial Apple Support Phone Number and reach to the customer care executive for expert assistance. The Apple Customer Service team is skilled and experienced in handling and resolving such technical issues quickly. You can reach them at any hour of the day to ensure the issues are solved timely and are not prolonged.


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